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Truck hours simply mean that I am actually in the truck delivering bins and taking calls when possible.

Fellow Sudburians know the perils of driving our city streets, so please leave a voicemail if I don't answer as I am either on the other line, avoiding potholes or practicing proactive driving techniques.

Please note that the truck hours and office hours are posted to the right.


Bins are scheduled on the hour, meaning either 8-9, 9-10, 10-11 or 11-12, etc. So for example, if we agree that your bin will be delivered between 9 and 10AM, don't panic if I'm not there at 9:01AM.
It is a rare occasion that the bin might be late and if that happens, you will typically get a heads up call or text.

Remember, we have two seasons in Sudbury...Winter and Construction.


The shear amount of time-wasting spammers or telemarketers that call 222-BINS every day is unbelievable.

If you call from an area code that is out of province or country, odds are you're call is going to voicemail. If it turns out you are not a telemarketer looking to waste my time, I will call you back during business hours.

If you are a telemarketer, please lose my number. I don't need what you're selling!


Currently we accept the following:

- MasterCard
- Cash
- E-transfer


A deposit made by one of the above mentioned Payment Types, in the amount of $500 is required for all rentals.
A receipt can be issued at time of delivery for all cash deposits.

As much as I attempt to take your call during truck hours, it is not always possible as I am either driving or have stepped outside the vehicle to service bins as required.

Please leave a voicemail and I will attempt to return your call as soon as possible, but realistically it will likely be an afternoon return call.

Be sure to leave your NAME, your NUMBER or NUMBERS, your extension if applicable, the best time to call and any other pertinent information related to your current or upcoming project.


I enjoy my weekends off just like you. Please note we close around noon on Fridays. If you absolutely need a bin on a Saturday, Sunday, after hours or holidays, a premium will apply and also based on availability

PRICING (Effective May 19, 2020)

Bin rental for the 10, 15 or 20 yard bins is *$288 + HST = $325 + Tipping Fees.
Note: Tipping Fees are tax exempt.
You may keep the bin for 2-7 days.
*Pricing based on delivery range.

For scheduling purposes at our end, if you require a longer rental period, we need to discuss how much longer.

Each additional week is $150/wk + HST, or $30 + HST for each additional day.
*Pricing based on delivery range.

A 1 day rental at *$225 + HST + Tipping Fees, is an alternative option but that is only available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of a 5 day work week, OR Wednesday & Thursday after a long weekend (MON & FRI are too busy.)
*Pricing based on delivery range.

An Empty/Return is available for *$177 + HST. *Pricing based on delivery range.

This service is time consuming, and so that's why I ask so many questions to try and establish the right size box for your project, so you can avoid this extra fee.

Most of the common questions are answered here. If you require additional information, be sure to visit the FAQ page or call me at (705) 222-BINS (2467).

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    About Us
    For additional information about bin rentals, be sure to read the FAQ page.

    The BEST way to get info is to pick up the phone and call me at 705-222-BINS (2467).

    Delivering bins is the priority and I do so during the above mentioned truck hours.

    Please DO NOT try to contact me via FaceBook as you will never get a reply there and I don't have Messenger enabled. Social media and I don't get along very well, although I'm making more of an effort now with FB & IG.

    If you call after normal business hours or on weekends and leave a voicemail, it is wise for you to call back again during normal business hours because Monday morning is typically a very busy time.

    If you call from an area code that is out of province or country, odds are you're call is going to voicemail. If it turns out you are not a telemarketer, I will call you back,

    If it appears that I am direct, you are correct. Those of you who know and do business with BiN HERE...BiN THERE know that my no nonsense approach to what we do is what makes us the best at what we do!

    See you out there.


    (705) 222-BINS (2467)