It all started with a statement...

There's gotta be a better
@#$%&*! way of doing this!

YES, that's really what I said.

And so for the last 14 years I have endeavored and continue to help clients understand what is involved in the bin rental process and attempt to paint a realistic picture to minimize surprises when the bill lands, all while providing exceptional service and competitive pricing. And just as we know we cannot help everyone, we can usually point you in the right direction.

But enough about us.
This is really about
And your needs.

Seagull 29

Competitive Yet Simple Pricing

We offer a variety of rental options and easy to understand pricing with no hidden fees. Ever!

No Hidden or BS Fees

Since day one, we've been transparent with no hidden fees, such as fuel surcharges, environmental fees, administration fees and so on. Just your bin rental fees, tipping fees, taxes and travel fees if applicable.

Just A Call or Text Away

We can answer most questions by calling during regular business hours. And now with texting, we can now service you better and faster.

Fast Reliable Service

We can usually schedule you in within 2-3 days for deliveries and pick ups. Sometimes sooner.

Local Presence

We are local to Sudbury and not a franchise, so your hard earned money stays in our community.

Proudly Canadian

When you talk to us you talk with members of your community. Et puis on parle en français...un p'tit peu.

Easy Online Booking

For 2022, we've added a new online booking for your bin rentals. Just remember to allow 3 days time to book.

Driveway protection

Since day one, we've placed specially designed lumber so our bins don't come in contact with your driveway.

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