We are looking for an experienced, motivated and hardworking driver.

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Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Please DO NOT CALL about this position.



We are clean air company. There is no first, second or third hand cigarette smoke odors in the trucks. As per local bylaws, there is no smoking in vehicles. Smoking is also not permitted at the landfill sites. Basically, if you smoke, this opportunity is probably not for you.


If you choose to wear a mask, you will not be shamed. If you choose not to wear a mask and take your Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms seriously, while politely respecting others right to live in fear, that is also OK. Customers are already asked to stay 6-12 feet clear of our moving equipment. If you believe not wearing a mask will kill grandma, then this opportunity is probably not for you.


You are at least 25 years of age, and have a valid G license. Along with your G license comes a clean driving record. Said driving record will of course be checked. The reason you need to be 25 is because otherwise the insurance companies will not insure you.


You have at least 2 years experience driving a commercial vehicle. AND you can prove that you have at least two years driving experience. The reason you need 2 years experience is because otherwise the insurance companies will not insure you.


If you like to get high or drink heavily, make sure you do it on your time and you don’t bring your buzz to work. You are driving and operating heavy equipment all day long and you need your full wits. If you believe that weed will make you more focused, then this opportunity is probably not for you.


Punctuality means you are sitting in your work truck when your scheduled shift starts. If your shifts starts at say 8AM, and you pull in at 8AM, then this opportunity is probably not for you.


If you possess a mindset of “drive it like you stole it”, stop reading now. “X” out of this web page and forget you even heard about this opportunity. For others, please understand if your truck is down because you drove the sh*t out of it, then there’s no other work for you. If there’s no work, then there’s no pay.


You will be trained by the best in this industry. Once that’s done, you’re expected to take initiative and work autonomously. If you need your hand held, this opportunity is probably not for you.


We have a stellar reputation of service. Besides being an expert at delivering bins, you must also have the skills needed to effectively communicate with the customer and their needs. If you have difficulty having small talk, or mustering up a smile during your worst day, then this opportunity is probably not for you.


Besides driving, delivering and picking up bins, there are slow days in between that permits for upkeep and maintenance of the bins, equipment or trucks. Ideally, you are adaptable to additional tasks as they surface. If you have this flexibility, then this opportunity is probably not for you.


This is not about the G’N’R balad. Doing this job requires a boat load of patience. From other drivers, construction, landfill lineups, red lights & stop signs, humanity as a whole, the MTO and some disrespectful bin-overloading customers, your patience will be tested. Daily! If road rages resides within you, then this opportunity is probably not for you.


…this opportunity is probably not for you.

If you think all this is somewhat unorthodox, it is!

I will not ask you what your strengths and weaknesses are.

That will be evident by the end of day one.

I don’t subscribe to the PC police or Cancel Culture.